Olives pressed with lemons

Celidalba lemon oil is cold-pressed, adding lemons to the press, together with the olives, which release the crisp aromatic oils contained in their peel. This creates an elegant and fragrant aromatic combination which enriches the flavour of dishes and envelops the table in a delicious aroma. It is perfect when used raw on asparagus and other cooked vegetables, as well as in salads, on fish and meat. It can also be used to create a light and delicate mayonnaise and why stop there? It can be added to desserts!


Celidalba oil is available as a premium blend in ceramic packaging designed by Istmos 44 and created by the Master ceramist Liberati, who wanted to reinterpret the shape of the olive fruit in a modern way.

The glass bottle

Celidalba oil is also available in a 200 ml glass bottle.

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